FALL 2000  

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Laboratory Topic

Aug 14 M Body Organization and Body Organs  
16 W Cells and Tissues Body Regions and Organs
21 M Cell Structure  
23 W Cell Function Cells and Tissues
28 M (Quiz) Skin  
30 W Skeletal Organization and Bone (Lab Quiz) Tissues and Skin
6 W Upper Appendicular Skeleton Skull
11 M Lower Appendicular Skeleton  
13 W Bone Tissue and Metabolism Appendicular Skeleton
18 M (Quiz) Abdominal Muscles  
20 W Arm Muscles   (Lab Quiz) Facial and Abdominal Muscles
25 M Thigh and Leg Muscles  
27 W Muscle Tissue and Contraction Arm Muscles and Thigh and Leg Muscles
Oct 2 M (Quiz) Nervous Organization and Neurons  
4 W Nervous Transmission and Reflexes (Lab Quiz) Spinal Cord
9 M Organization of the Cortex  
11 W Brainstem and Central Pathways Brain
16 M (Quiz) Sensory Systems  
18 W Seeing and Hearing (Lab Quiz) Eye and Ear
23 M Autonomic Nervous System  
25 W Hormones and Glands Pituitary and Adrenals
30 M (Quiz) Blood  
Nov 1 W Immunity (Lab Quiz) Blood Cells
6 M Cardiovascular Organization  
8 W Heart Heart and Blood Vessels
13 M (Quiz) Lungs  
15 W Ventilation and Respiration (Lab Quiz) Lungs
20 M Stomach and Intestines  
22 W Digestion Stomach and Intestines
27 M (Quiz) Kidney and Bladder  
29 W Urine Formation (Lab Quiz) Kidney
Dec 4 M Reproductive Organs  
6 W Reproductive Hormones Reproductive Organs
11 M FINAL EXAM, Room 208   10:00 AM - Noon


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