– FALL 2020 ARR Lec –
T Lab (sec 0588) / TH Lab (sec 0589)

Synopsis of Physiology (PDF)

Synopsis of Physiology (MOBILE)

Laboratory Exercises (PDF)

Course Description

Date Lecture - Days ARR Laboratory - Days T (0588) or TH (0589)
Week 1
T Aug 25
Th Aug 27
Ch-1:Communication, Control and Homeostasis
Ch-1 Quiz/Discussion

Ch-2:Physiology and Biological Chemistry
Ch-2 Quiz/Discussion
Zoom: 11:55A-3:00P

Lab-1:Diagramming Regulatory Systems

Lab-2:Metric System
Week 2
T Sep 1
Th Sep 3
Ch-3:Cellular Reactions, Enzymes and Nucleotides
Ch-3 Quiz/Discussion

Ch-4:DNA, RNA and Protein Synthesis
Ch-4 Quiz/Discussion
Zoom: 11:55A-3:00P

Lab-3:Biomolecular Modeling

Lab-4:DNA, RNA, and Protein Synthesis
Week 3
T Sep 8
Th Sep 10
Ch-5:Cell Membrane Transport and Membrane Transporters
Ch-5 Quiz/Discussion
Exam 1: 11:55A-1:00P
Ch 1-4; Lab 1-4

Zoom: 1:10P-3:00P

Lab-5a:Membrane Permeability and Transport

Lab-5b:Simulating Dialysis (Simple Diffusion)

Lab-5c:Simulating Active Transport
Week 4
T Sep 15
Th Sep 17
Ch-7a:Neuron physiology
Ch-7 Quiz/Discussion

Ch-8:Organization of General Sensory Neurons
Ch-8 Quiz/Discussion
Zoom: 11:55A-3:00P

Lab-6:Membrane Potentials

Lab-7a:The Sensory Receptor Potential

Lab-7b:The Action Potential
Week 5
T Sep 22
Th Sep 24
Ch-7b: Synaptic Signaling

Ch-6:Cellular Signaling and Cellular Receptors
Ch-6 Quiz/Discussion
Exam 2: 11:55A-1:00P
Ch 5,7a,8; Lab 5-7

Zoom: 1:10P-3:00P

Lab-8a:Chemical Synaptic Transmission

Lab-8b:Putting It All Together
Week 6
T Oct 29
Th Oct 1
Ch-11:Muscle Contraction
Ch-11 Quiz/Discussion

Ch-12:Somatic Motor Neurons and Control of Movement
Ch-12 Quiz/Discussion
Zoom: 11:55A-3:00P

Lab-12a:EMG, strength, fatigue

Lab-12b:The Muscle Twitch and the Latent Period

Lab-12c:Stimulus Rate and Skeletal Muscle Contraction
Week 7
T Oct 6
Th Oct 8
Ch-13:Autonomic Motor Neurons
Ch-13 Quiz/Discussion

Ch-14:Hormones, and Control of Internal Organs
Ch-14 Quiz/Discussion
Exam 3: 11:55A-1:00P
Ch 6,7b,11,12; Lab 8,12

Zoom: 1:10P-3:00P

Lab-13:Autonomic NS

Lab-14a:Metabolism and Thyroid Hormone
Week 8
T Oct 13
Th Oct 15
Ch-14 cont'd: Hormones and Control of Internal Organs
Ch-14 Quiz/Discussion

Ch-15:Hypothalamus, Pituitary, Adrenal Cortex, Thyroid
Ch-15 Quiz/Discussion
Zoom: 11:55A-3:00P

Lab-15a:Hormone Replacement Therapy

Lab-15b:Cortisol and Adrenocorticotropic Hormone
Week 9
T Oct 20
Th Oct 22
Ch-16:Cardiac Pumping and Cardiac Output
Ch-16 Quiz/Discussion

Ch-17:Blood Vessels and blood flow
Ch-17 Quiz/Discussion
Exam 4: 11:55A-1:00P
Ch 13-15; Lab 13-15

Zoom: 1:10P-3:00P

Lab-17a:ECG and Peripheral Circulation

Lab-17b:The Refractory Period of Cardiac Muscle

Lab-17c:Chemical Modifiers and Heart Rate

Lab-17d:Effects of Various Ions on Heart Rate
Week 10
T Oct 27
Th Oct 29
Ch-17 cont'd: Blood Vessels and blood flow
Ch-17 Quiz/Discussion

Ch-18:Blood and Microcirculation
Ch-18 Quiz/Discussion
Zoom: 11:55A-3:00P

Lab-18a:Blood Pressure

Lab-18b:Blood Vessel Radius and Blood Flow

Lab-18c:Blood Pressure and Blood Flow

Lab-19a:Hematocrit Determination

Lab-19b:Hemoglobin Determination

Lab-19c:Blood Typing
Week 11
T Nov 3
Th Nov 5
Ch-19:Ventilation, Gas Exchange, and Gas transport
Ch-19 Quiz/Discussion
Exam 5: 11:55A-1:00P
Ch 16-18; Lab 17-19

Zoom: 1:10P-3:00P


Lab-20b:Respiratory Volumes and Capacities

Lab-20c:Comparative Spirometry


Week 12
T Nov 10
Th Nov 12
Ch-20:Renal Filtration and Urine Formation
Ch-20 Quiz/Discussion

Ch-21:Fluid and Electrolyte Balance
Ch-21 Quiz/Discussion
Zoom: 11:55A-3:00P

Lab-22a:Fluid Balance

Lab-22b:Pressure and Glomerular Filtration

Lab-22c:Solute Gradients and Urine Concentration

Lab-22d:Hormones and Urine Formation
Week 13
T Nov 17
Th Nov 19
Ch-22:Digestion and Nutrient Absorption
Ch-22 Quiz/Discussion

Ch-23:Absorptive and Post-absorptive Metabolism
Ch-23 Quiz/Discussion
Exam 6: 11:55A-1:00P
Ch 19-21; Lab 20-22

Zoom: 1:10P-3:00P

Lab-25a:Exploring Amylase Substrate Specificity

Lab-25b:Assessing Pepsin Digestion of Protein

Lab-25c:Assessing Lipase Digestion of Fat
Week 14
T Nov 24
Th Nov 26 (Holiday)
Ch-23 cont’d:Absorptive and Post-absorptive Metabolism

Ch-24:Control of Reproductive Organs
Ch-24 Quiz/Discussion
Zoom: 11:55A-3:00P
T Nov 24 (sec 0588 and 0589)

(will be recorded as usual)

Lab-26a:Glucose Monitoring

Lab-26b:Plasma Glucose, Insulin, and Diabetes

Lab-26c:Reabsorption of Glucose via Transporters

Overview of National Library of Medicine – for articles
Week 15
T Dec 1
Th Dec 3
No new matrerial Exam 7: 11:55A-1:00P
Ch 22-24; Lab 25-26

Zoom: 1:10P-3:00P

Sharing of Article Summaries
Finals Week
Th Dec 10

  Final Exam: 10:00A-12:50P
TH Dec 10 (sec 0588 and 0589)
from Exams 1-6