Hormones and Reproduction

Hormones and Male Reproduction


stimulated by FSH

Testosterone production by interstitial cells

stimulated by LH (ICSH - interstitial cell stimulating hormone)


Hormones and Female Reproduction

Follicular development

stimulated by FSH

Estrogen production by follicular cells

stimulated by FSH

Actions of estrogen

stimulates rebuilding of the functional zone of endometrium

influences sexual behavior


stimulated by LH

Conversion of the Graafian follicle to the corpus luteum

stimulated by LH

Progesterone production by luteal cells

stimulated by LH

Actions of Progesterone

stimulates enlargement of uterine glands in the functional zone of the endometrium

prevents menses


Menstrual cycle



the chorion of the forming placenta produces HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin)

HCG stimulates the corpus luteum and progesterone production continues; menses does not occur


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