Laboratory - Kidney

Gross anatomy of the Kidneys - models of kidney


Renal Artery

Renal Vein

Cortex - outer region

Medulla - inner region

Pyramids - distinct units within the medulla

Lobe - pyramid and adjacent cortex

Papillae - extensions of the pyramids that empty into the minor calyces

Major calyces - branchings of renal pelvis

Minor calyces - branchings of major calyces that surround the papilla


Anatomy of the Nephron - models of nephron

Nephron - the functional unit of the kidney that consists of

Renal corpuscle (Bowman's capsule) - slide

Renal tubules

Collecting system

Renal corpuscle

capsular epithelium - simple squamous epithelium lining outer wall

Afferent arteriole - carries blood to glomerulus

Efferent arteriole - carries blood away from glomerulus

Capsular space - space between capsular and glomerular epithelium

Glomerulus - enclosed capillary network

Capillaries - fenestrated; incomplete simple squamous epithelium

Proximal Convoluted tubule (PCT)

tubing whose lumen is continuous with the capsular space

lined with simple cuboidal epithelium (with microvilli)

Loop of Henle

tubing whose lumen is continuous with proximal convoluted tublue

Distal Convoluted tubule (DCT)

Collecting system

Collecting tubules and ducts


Blood supply to the Nephron - models of kidney and nephron

Renal artery

Afferent arteriole


Efferent arteriole

Peritubular capillaries - surround proximal and distal convoluted tubules

Renal vein


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