Muscles of Facial Expresssion and Chewing
Action Muscle Origin Insertion
Raise eyebrow Frontalis galea aponeurotica eyebrow
tense scalp Occipitalis occipital galea aponeurotica
Close eyes Orbicularis oculi medial orbit eyelids
Compress lips Orbicularis Oris maxillae mandible lips
Mouth back, up Zygomaticus zygomatic angle of mouth
Muscles of Mastication
Elevate jaw Temporalis temporal coronoid mandible
  Masseter zygomatic arch lateral mandible
Compress cheeks Buccinator maxillae mandible orbicularis oris



Muscles of the Spine and Trunk
Action Muscle Origin Insertion
Muscles of the Spine
Extend head Trapezius c t vertebrae occipital bone
  Sternocleidomastoid sternum, clavicle mastoid process
Oblique and Rectus Muscles
Elevate ribs Ext. Intercostals inferior ribs superior ribs
Depress ribs Int. Intercostals superior ribs inferior ribs
Compress abdomen External Oblique 5th to 12th ribs ilium linea alba
  Internal Oblique ilium lower ribs
  Transversus Abdominus lower ribs pubis linea alba
Expand chest Diaphragm xiphoid 4-10 ribs tendon sheet


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