Filtrate and Urine Formation

Glomerular filtration

blood travels through afferent arteriole to glomerulus

water and solute molecules pass through the wall of glomerular capillaries, through glomerular epithelium and into capsular space


Tubular Reabsorption and the Proximal Convoluted Tubule

about 60% of water and 65% of solutes reabsorbed in this region


Osmotic gradient and the Loop of Henle

about 20% of water and 25% of solutes reabsorbed in this region


Tubular Secretion (and Reabsorption) and the Distal Convoluted Tubule

secretion of potassium (and reabsorption of sodium)

via active transport under control of aldosterone


Tubular Reabsorption and Collecting Tubules and Ducts

reabsorption of water

via diffusion under control of vasopressin


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